Market reports from the South Eastern Livestock Exchange

Market Report

Landmark topped the August 9 market with XB Lambs sold on behalf of T&L White (Ground Diamond), Yass for $213.2ph. Photo: SELX

Landmark topped the August 9 market with XB Lambs sold on behalf of T&L White (Ground Diamond), Yass for $213.2ph. Photo: SELX

Prime Sheep & Lamb

August 9

Total Yarding: 4834

Lamb numbers were back and the quality plainer. New season lamb numbers were around 500 head and prime old lambs were limited. New season lambs were mostly light trade weights and the old lambs were best supplied by medium and heavy trade weights. Merino lambs were also well supplied but there were more lightweight lambs available. All the usual buyers operated in a market mostly firm market.

New season light and medium trade weights sold from $116 to $129 and a pen of heavy lambs reached $160/head. Old 2 score processing lambs ranged from $64 to $104, back by $4/head.  The medium and heavy trade weights were firm and ranged from $108 to $134/head and averaged 570c/kg. Heavy lambs were $2 cheaper and sold from $136 to $148 and extra heavy lambs reached $213.20/head.

Carcase prices ranged from540c to 560c/kg. Merino trades sold to $150/head. Heavy hoggets reached $135/head. Mutton numbers were down and prices lifted $4/head across the light and medium weight grades and quality remains good. Medium weight ewes ranged from $90 to $104/head. Heavy crossbred ewes $115 to $122/head for heavy weights. Most averaged 430c to 455c/kg.

Market Report

Prime Cattle

August 10

Total Yarding: 466

Numbers were back and the quality was plainer. Only 95 cows were offered and while there was a few lines of feeder steers and heifers which sold near last week’s prices, most were cheaper.

Trade cattle were limited as were the grown steers and bullocks. Plainer grown heifers were in reasonable numbers and attracted support from re-stockers.

The market was cheaper by 10c to 20c/kg over the yarding.

Light weight restocking steer weaners sold to 337c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were 10c cheaper and light weights were up to 20c/kg cheaper. Most feeders sold from 280c to 310c/kg. Re-stockers paid to 325c/kg for medium weights. Restocking heifers ranged from 259c to 306c/kg. The few trade cattle slipped 10c to 15c ranging from 250c to 295c/kg.

Only a few grown steers and bullocks in prime condition were offered and sold between 250c and 268c/kg. Restocking grown heifers lost 12c receiving 190c to 226c/kg. Cows lost up to 15c/kg with the heavier covered cows losing more. Medium weight 2 score cows sold from 180c to 193c and the heavy weights 180c to 218c/kg. PTIC cows to a re-stocker reached 220c/kg.

Market Report: MLA's National Livestock Reporting Service