Tilba Folk Circle hosts ‘Man with the Concertina’

The concertina is an instrument that most of us would call a squeeze box and think of as something that hails from a bygone era when sailing ships ruled the waves. 

They were very popular in their heyday right up until the 1930s and played by not only sailors, but a broad cross-section of society in Australia and around the world. Banker or bushman, both could have been concertina players back then.

In Australia these days, concertinas are still played by a couple of hundred enthusiasts.

One of the country’s best, Steve Wilson, will be in Tilba on Sunday, August 20 at The Tilba Folk Circle beginning at 7pm at the Tilba pub, performing songs from his recent CD, The Flying Concertina.

Wilson has recorded an eclectic and entertaining swag of songs guaranteed to bring a smile and get toes tapping. 

‘The Man with the Concertina’ is how Wilson bills himself. After achieving remission from lymphoma in 2011, but still facing uncertainty, he resolved to master his instrument to the best of his ability, and is now regarded as highly accomplished.

With a refreshed outlook to life after cancer, Wilson now enjoys raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation and the proceeds from his gigs and CDs go toward fighting blood cancer. 

“It’s great to give pleasure through my music and to contribute to battling cancer as well,” he said.