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Jerradale Border Leicester Stud was founded in 2006 by Geoff and Debbie Selmes of Crookwell. Jerradale’s aim is to produce robust rams with high fertility and vigor that will sire high quality first cross ewes while maintaining the traditional Border Leicester wool type and quality. Sires are purchased with the objective of improving body structure (length and depth) and productivity as in eye muscle and wool production.

The foundation flock was purchased at the dispersal of Cooraminta Stud, including a Glenieth Stud Ram. More ewes from Sylvia Vale, Normanhurst and Cuddyong were later purchased.

The introduction of sires from Retallack, Cadell, Yallaroo, as well as Geraldine Stud in Victoria, to improve progeny traits, has proved very successful in producing a consistent, even line of young rams. The purchase in 2016, of two more rams, has complimented and improved the flock genetics. One ram was the Bauer Stud’s winner of the objective measurement class at Sydney Royal 2015 and the other from R & R Sweeny’s Bindaree Stud, a ram with great body length and depth. The progeny of these rams are faster maturing and very even.

Our clients achieve very good returns at the Goulburn First Cross Ewe sales and 2nd Cross lamb sales. Fleeces entered by Jerradale in the Sydney Royal Easter Show have consistently won first and second places for Border Leicester wool.

Stockscan is part of the assessment tools used by both studs to select the sale rams and validates the visual traits identified as necessary for top class stock. Measurement of eye muscle depth and width to calculate the eye muscle area identifies the meat producing ability of the ram as eye muscle area is a definite indicator of total meat yield.

Rosewood is extremely pleased with the results this year with the eye muscle area measurements being very good.

Rosewood and Jerradale are both brucellosis accredited and only purchase rams from studs that are also brucellosis accredited. Ovine brucellosis is an infectious disease, primarily of rams, resulting in infertility and sterility. It is an important disease because it can cause considerable economic loss in flocks due to reduced lamb marking percentages, increased culling of rams, extended lambing seasons and occasionally, abortions and the birth of weak, poorly viable lambs.

Both studs meet the Sheep Health Statement OJD standard as ‘All approved Vaccinates’.

Rosewood Poll Dorset Stud is located on the Dalton Road, Rye Park, 32km north of Yass and 29km east of Boorowa. The on-property sale will be held on Tuesday, October 3. Inspection of sale rams by interested lamb breeders prior to sale day is very welcome.

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