Meet a new species of spider found on the South Coast

Canberra's spider man, Stuart Harris, has found himself in the middle of yet another new spider species discovery, this time on the Far South Coast.

Mr Harris led a group on a BioBlitz expedition in the Murrah Flora Reserve late last year to teach a group who were interested in finding spiders. Citizen scientist, Helen Ransom was looking through a leaf litter when she spotted a spider.

“She said to me 'oh Stuart, what's this?' and I looked at it and was like 'oh no, that's a new species', I just knew straight away,” Mr Harris said. “We were all over the moon jumping around, you can imagine how they felt.

"They just went out for a day in the bush to maybe find some pretty spiders and then they found a new species."

The spider was named Maratus sapphirus on Wednesday. Mr Harris said the name came from his suggestion of sapphire.

“Because it was found on the Sapphire coast… I suggested the name be something to do with sapphire, also because of its colour,” he said.