Nowra's beacon of hope is an asset

A beacon of hope and friendship, the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre is being used as the example to follow Australia-wide.

The Cancer Council is using the centre in its newly announced campaign, because it’s a place where strong relationships can be built.

One the stories features Tathra resident, Janet Howe, who made the most of Centre when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ms Howe faced a daily four hour drive to radiotherapy treatment in Nowra.  Thanks to the Cancer Council and the Centre, however, Ms Howe was able to stay in Nowra during her treatment for breast cancer.

Ms Howe’s husband, Peter, was worried about the negative effects the lengthy travel could have on her health.

“Just to get in a car and drive for four hours every day, return home and then wake up the next morning and drive back, it would have been terrible. It couldn’t have been good for her health,” Mr Howe said.

As the couple considered their options and how best to cope with the demands of treatment, they were told about the Cancer Care Centre, purpose built for cancer patients and their carers.

“The burden of wondering where you’re going to stay, how you’re going to pay for it and the Cancer Council NSW helps to take that worry away,” Janet said.

The Centre offered a home away from home, which meant that Janet was able to have treatment without the additional worry and expense of long and uncomfortable car journeys.

“I felt supported, I felt blessed and I felt that I was lucky,” Janet said. 

The new campaign called ‘Every Cancer Story’ was released at the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre to raise awareness of the support services available across NSW, and demonstrate the impact these services have on local communities.

Cancer Council NSW is committed to reducing the burden of cancer for people in the NSW community, regardless of location.

A Cancer Council Information Service is provided within treatment centres across NSW, offering an opportunity for cancer patients, carers, their friends and family to be provided with information on cancer and a range of support services.

The Council NSW’s Accommodation Services helps to find suitable and affordable accommodation for cancer patients, their families and carers travelling from regional and remote areas to cities and regional hubs for treatment.

Including the Centre just made sense, Cancer Council’s Community Engagement Manager Grant Plecas said. 

“It’s showing one of our best assets,” he said.

  • For more information about services call 13 11 20.