Market reports from the South Eastern Livestock Exchange

Market Report

Prime Sheep & Lamb

September 27

Total Yarding: 23,219

Lamb numbers more than doubled with new season lambs increasing to 10,400 head. Quality was mixed with plenty of light store lambs coming forward. Trade and heavy lambs were well supplied with a few starting to dry in the wool. Extra heavy lambs were in short supply. Merino lambs increased to nearly 2300 head. Old lambs were well back in volume. A few extra buyers operated in the dearer market.

Ray White Boorowa/Binalong team sold the highest priced suckers, for V&F Brewer, Boorowa to a top of $176ph.

Ray White Boorowa/Binalong team sold the highest priced suckers, for V&F Brewer, Boorowa to a top of $176ph.

Two-score restocking lambs sold from $72 to $116/head. The medium and heavy trade new season lambs were firm and ranged from $117 to $145/head. Heavy weights were $3 to $4 dearer and sold between $143 and $154/head. Extra heavy new season lambs topped at $176/head. Carcass prices ranged from 570c to 580c/kg.

Old trade lambs were $13 cheaper on the heavy trades and ranged from $104 to $125. Heavy weights reached $177/head. Merino trades sold from $109 to $117/head. The best of the hoggets reached $147/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and there was an increase in Merino ewes and wethers. Quality was good with plenty of sheep medium and heavy weights. Prices were back $10/head and more in places. Medium weights sold from $70 to $88/head. Heavy crossbred ewes $94 to $109 and long wool Merinos reached $118/head. Carcass prices ranged from 320c to 370c/kg on average.

Market Report

Prime Cattle

September 28

Total Yarding: 943

Numbers lifted and the quality was very mixed. There was a larger group of restockers after the increased number of lighter plain yearlings. Good feeder steers and heifers were back in numbers and prime yearlings suited to the trade were in very short supply. Grown steers with weight were also in short supply and there were reasonable numbers of grown heifers. There was a small run of prime cows. Not all the usual feeder orders were operating, there was extra restocking support and all trade and export buyers attended the cheaper market.

Most of the young cattle eased 10c to 15c/kg. Weaners to restockers sold from 190c to 260c/kg. Feeder steers ranged from 235c to 268c and the heifers 195c to 245c/kg. Trade steers received 248c to 285c and medium weight heifers reached 260c/kg.

Prime grown steers and bullocks were back 30c and sold from 230c to 240c and a good run of grown heifers averaged 212c/kg to the exporters. Cows were back 10c to 20c with the medium weight 2 score cows trading from 138c to 190c and the heavy 3 and 4 scores made 160c to 213c/kg. Prime heavy 4 score cows averaged 203c/kg.

Market Report: MLA's National Livestock Reporting Service​