Market report for prime sheep and lamb from South Eastern Livestock Exchange (SELX)

Market Report

Charlie Croker, Landmark.

Charlie Croker, Landmark.

Prime Sheep & Lamb

January 31

Total Yarding: 14,004

There was a slight decrease in lamb numbers. Quality was fair to good. Trade and heavy shorn lambs were limited in supply and buyers showed the strongest competition toward these lambs. Extra heavy lambs remain limited and there was a reduction in unshorn 2 score lambs suitable to re-stockers, but numbers still remain good. The market was cheaper in a plainer run.

Unshorn 2 score lambs to re-stockers sold from $66 to $113, easing $7/head. The medium and heavy trade lambs eased $2 to $3 and made from $112 to $146/head averaging 610c to 640c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs were dearer on the very limited supply and sold from $156 to $183/head. Hoggets reached $154/head.

Mutton numbers declined and the quality was very mixed with fewer sheep in forward condition. Prices were $6 to $10 dearer with medium weight ewes $80 to $116/head. Heavy crossbreds reached $132 and very heavy Dorper ewes made $151/head. Merino wethers topped at $148/head. Carcase prices averaged 450c/kg cwt for the better-covered lines.

Category $/hd

  • Suckers XB: top $150, av $105.57
  • Lambs Merino: top $138, av $82.36
  • Lambs XB: top $183, av $113.45
  • Hoggets XB: top $154, av $121.60
  • Wethers Merino: top $147.20, av $116.39
  • Ewes XB: top $146.20, av $101.83
  • Ewes Merino: top $139.60, av $97.95

Upcoming sales

  • Prime Sheep and Lambs: Every Wednesday, 11am
  • Prime Cattle: Every Thursday, 8am
  • Ray White Goat Sale: Monday, March 5, noon
  • Weaner/Store Cattle Sale: Friday, March 23, 10am

Caption (right):

Charlie Croker, Landmark sold 35 XB Lambs on behalf of Myrma Pastoral, Marulan for $180ph.

Photo: Heidi Grange