Could the Pipers Lookout public toilets win a Toilet Tourism Award?

The International Toilet Tourism Awards are back and the humble long drop toilets at Pipers Lookout may have what it takes to flush out the competition. 

Sitting at 904 metres above sea level, the long drops at Pipers Lookout could also boast one of the longest drops in the country, and the site offer ssweeping views across the Bega Valley.

If the smell doesn’t take your breath away, the scenery will. 

The toilets are surrounded by old-growth forest and native bird songs of the South East Forests National Park, making a dunny stop at Pipers Lookout is to truly respond to nature’s call. 

The International Toilet Tourism Awards rates facilities on their economic contribution, location, design, quirkiness of experience, accessibility and sanitation.

What other public toilets in our region are worthy of international acclaim?