Market Report: South Eastern Livestock Exchange (SELX) - Competing in easier market, April 11

Prime Sheep and Lamb

Wednesday, April 11

Yarding 18,379

Numbers lifted this sale though lambs remained similar.

Lamb quality was very mixed with a large percentage of plainer types penned.

There was less weight yarded than previous weeks and the usual buyers were present and competing in an easier market.

Light lambs sold from $112 to $118/head. Trade weight were $3 to $5 easier with prices from $120 to $138/head.

Heavy lambs sold from $135 to $151 and extra heavy weights received from $150 to $174/head.

Carcase prices averaged from 586c to 615c/kg cwt.

Mutton numbers showed the increase.

Merinos made up the majority of the offering and quality was also very mixed.

Prices were strong with Merino ewes selling from $96 to $140/head.

Crossbreds sold from $105 to $146/head.

Merino wethers ranged in price from $90 to $156/head.

Market Report: MLA's National Livestock Reporting Service


Sale categories

Cat (Qty), c/kg, $/hd 

  • Suckers XB (0)
  • Lambs Merino (647): top $118, av $64.76
  • Lambs XB (5894): top $174.60, av $110.73
  • Hoggets XB (202): top $145, av $108.27
  • Wethers Merino (2618): top $156.20, av $101.29
  • Ewes XB (1102) top $148.60, av $101.05
  • Ewes Merino (4684): top $140.20, av $71.13
Elders staff.

Elders staff.

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  • Prime Cattle: Every Thursday, 8am
  • Store Sale: Friday April 27, 10am
  • Weaner Sale: Friday May 11, 10am
  • Goat Sale: Monday May 14, noon

Caption (right): Groganville Pastoral Co topped the April 11 market with Elders selling 50 XB Lambs for $174.6ph.