Rotor Solutions Australia weed spraying and seed spreading


Rotor Solutions Australia offer the whole package.

Rotor Solutions Australia offer the whole package.

Helicopters in the agricultural industry are a vital tool used to help farmers get the most out of their properties.

Rotor Solutions Australia’s commitment and passion is to do just that, help farmers.

Utilising helicopters to get to the hard-to-reach areas of farms, including gullies, ridge lines and up steep banks, can not only can get the job done faster (and is often more cost-effective) than ground spraying, it is also safer. Time is money and the risk of rolling a tractor or quad bike isn’t worth it.

Rotor Solutions pilots are highly-trained, 100% agricultural pilots with experience second to none. 

“We recently travelled to the University of Queensland in Gatton to complete drift management training, then had all our equipment professionally pattern tested. This is part of our commitment to quality control. State of the art technology, mixed with precision piloting, the results speak for themselves” said Hugh Acton-Adams, chief pilot. 

Rotor Solutions is a proud member of the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia (AAAA), as well as an AAAA Spraysafe Accredited Company.

They prides themselves on the equipment they use being meticulously maintained to ensure crew and customer safety. Superior nozzles are used to ensure targeted application, alongside advanced mapping systems to guarantee accurate results.

GPS printouts are offered on all jobs, showing you exactly where the helicopter has been, which can assist with ground spraying operations to follow. 

You can also spread fertilister from the air, attaining even, uniform and precise coverage, no product waste and no paddock stripping. 

Hugh isn’t the only one pleased with the results.

“Our bucket is designed and made in New Zealand, the amazing spreader creates uniform coverage to ensure no waste. The results we have been getting are what matters, customers are so happy with the outcome and the bonus being we can load the operation on site”.

Rotor Solutions offer you the whole package by spraying for weeds, plus spreading fertilister and seed, to ensure you get the most out of your pasture.