SELX Market report: May 30 - Prime Sheep & Lamb

  • Above: Delta Agribusiness selling 177 XB Ewes on behalf of ‘Bobbara Station’, Union Agriculture, Galong for $183.2ph.

Market report

SELX May 30

Prime Sheep and Lamb

Total Yarding: 16,678

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality remains average.

Light lambs were best supplied and while there was a small run of good trade and heavy lambs, quality eased quickly.

Extra heavy lambs remain in short supply. The market was dearer.

Restocking lambs to 20kg sold from $78 to $130/head. 2 score processing lambs sold from $74 to $122/head.

Medium and heavy trade weight lambs gained $4 to $8 and sold from $124 to $148/head.

Heavy lambs sold from $144 to $168, extra heavy lambs sold to $175/head averaging 580c to 630c/kg cwt.

Hoggets reached $184/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and the increase was mostly in the ewes.

There was a good run of heavy crossbreds but most fell into the medium weight range.

Prices were close to firm. Medium weights sold from $98 to $130/head.

Heavy crossbred ewes made from $147 to $183/head.

Most averaged from 460c to 500c/kg cwt.

Category (Qty) $/hd

  • Suckers XB (32): top $78, av $78
  • Lambs Merino (429): top $120, av $70.27
  • Lambs XB (6340): top $175, av $118.94
  • Hoggets XB (239): top $184.20, av $139.57
  • Wethers Merino (1276): top $123, av $95.01
  • Ewes XB (1283): top $183.20, av 134
  • Ewes Merino (4885): top $148, av $94.70 

Market Report: MLA's National Livestock Reporting Service