Diggers beat Harry's team to Invictus gold

Australia's wheelchair rugby team has won gold in the Invictus Games.
Australia's wheelchair rugby team has won gold in the Invictus Games.

It was murder on the dance floor as Australia trounced team UK to win gold in wheelchair rugby at Prince Harry's Invictus Games.

After the US had a narrow victory over France for bronze earlier in the night, spectators packed into the netball stadium at Sydney's Olympic Park were treated to an impromptu dance battle between a spectator and the Invictus mascot.

As Taylor Swift belted through the speakers local Sydney man Michael began dancing in the aisles until he was invited to tear up the court with his best club moves.

"I heard the song and just had to do it," he told AAP on Thursday.

The impromptu celebration encapsulated a night more about camaraderie than competition, with all teams receiving a standing ovation for their efforts.

However the biggest cheers were saved for the Wheeling Diggers, who went into the finals undefeated to win their first Invictus gold 22 points to 17.

And though Prince Harry may not be happy his home team lost he can't be disappointed with the team spirit on display.

Australia's Peter Arbuckle, who scored the last try of the match, embraced the US and UK captains after the win as supporters chanted the names of each team, no matter whose colours they wore.

Australian veteran and captain Jeff Wright told the ABC after the game the Diggers team had emerged from a "pretty rag tag" bunch.

"There's a lot of different personalities but we've got some serious cats, some lunatics and some village idiots," he said.

"People have down days but we try and work with that," he said.

It caps off a week of extraordinary competition including the moment when the Australian team helped New Zealand player George Nepata score his first try during their pool match on Wednesday.

Mr Nepata, who is tetraplegic following a military accident, was passed the ball and pushed over the line by his opponents when they noticed his energy flagging towards the end of the game.

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