Fresh Start Kitchens Marulan


Fresh Start Kitchens opened nearly ten years ago, specifically May 2009, but not in Marulan.

Owner-operator of the business Michael Assaad and his young family found themselves attracted to the area, and so a few years ago they picked up and moved the business from their previous location of Wetherill Park in the south-western suburbs of Sydney.

Apart from the work they were already getting from the Marulan region before the move, Michael says they "like the surroundings, the people are great, everything is convenient, and it's quite central too, [being between] Sydney, Goulburn, Canberra and Wollongong."

He also sees more potential in the growth that is happening, not just for the business but for the whole community.

"A lot more people are moving up this way, who will need infrastructure. There's a lot of building stuff happening. The shops are expanding. Everything's happening," he says with helpful optimism.

He also expects that growth will "improve the schooling as well, because we'll have more students going to school," and more students would mean more government investment, which would then mean even greater opportunities for future local students.

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In terms of work, for kitchens and cabinets Michael says that if you have a particular idea in your head, they can work with you on the design to make it a reality.

He also noted that the style people choose will vary.

Some people want a design that is clean and modern, whereas others with an older homestead might want something a bit more provincial or suited to the heritage of the building it's going into.

They have a showroom in town that's open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays, but they can open it up at other times by appointment.

They are also willing to cover a pretty big area, so you don't need to live nearby to call them.