An adventure of a lifetime for Bowral High School students

Like the brave servicemen and women before them, Southern Highlands students packed their bags and took flight in search of adventure and to pay their respects to those who fought in wars throughout Europe.

In December 2018, 22 students from across rural NSW which included 12 students from Bowral High School, participated in a tour of battlefields from the First and Second World War throughout Northern France and Belgium.

The students visited many of the combat zones where Australian service men and women saw action and made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Sights included Rouen, Ypres, Hill 60, Fromelles, VC Corner, Messines and Passchendaele as well as Normandy D-Day landing sites.

Students participated in a last post ceremony under the Arc de Triomphe, sung Silent Night with French and German students at trenches in Bayenwald, ate snails and had the opportunity to take on various leadership roles during the tour.

As part of their preparation participants researched local service personnel, or family members, who served in World War One and the fields of conflict they served.

Each student, as part of a small group was responsible for conducting memorial services at significant sites, all of which were heart felt and emotional.

At a recent whole school assembly the adventurers gave the student body at Bowral High School insight into their experiences and the profound impact of the trip.

The adventure was the last official tour of Centenary of World War One.


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This story Bowral High School students pay their respects in France and Belgium first appeared on Southern Highland News.