Band-Aid found in spaghetti bought at Rutherford ALDI

A Maitland family was left without an appetite after they made a "disgusting discovery" in their tin of spaghetti.

They had hoped to enjoy a snack of spaghetti on toast but once they opened the can and started spooning out the contents part of a skin-coloured Band-Aid emerged.

The Corale brand spaghetti, which is an exclusive ALDI brand and made in New Zealand, was bought at the Rutherford store on November 10.

The product was still on the shelf on Tuesday afternoon and on sale at 65 cents a tin.

"My kids noticed the piece of Band-Aid after opening the tin of food. It was located in the first spoon in the top part of the spaghetti," Amanda Playford said.

"My two younger daughters, aged 13 and 15, saw the foreign body and came to show me. They said how "grossed out" they were and "how could anyone eat spaghetti again".

"I then told them not to touch the piece of Band-Aid or eat the spaghetti as we weren't sure if there were anymore traces of Band-Aid in the product."

An ALDI spokeswoman told the Mercury it was an "isolated incident" and it had "requested that the product and object is sent to us to assist with our investigation".

We are looking into this issue with priority," she said.

"We have stringent quality processes in place and all of our products are extensively tested to ensure they meet best practice, safety and industry standards."

Band-Aid in spaghetti

Band-Aid in spaghetti

Ms Playford said ALDI promised a thorough investigation when she rang them to explain the encounter.

She sent a series of photos to back up her story and was asked when she planned to revisit the Rutherford store.

She responded and is yet to receive any further correspondence.

"The product and foreign body are under thorough investigation. I still have the piece of Band Aid my kids found in the spaghetti and we still have the spaghetti in the tin," Ms Playford said.

"The bit of Band Aid has shrunk a little and ALDI Australia have asked me when I'll be in store next so they can let ALDI know when I'm coming into their store."

Ms Playford said the incident would not stop her from shopping at ALDI.

"Seeing it on the spoon just grossed us all out. We purchase a lot of tinned food and other products from Aldi, and this is the first time we have had this happen," she said.